Watch Posses Frequently asked Questions

The brands range from well known to lesser known. We partner with watch makers to provide you with awesome watches as part of your membership. The watch styles vary greatly and may be vintage premium brands, brand new fashionable watches, tech watches, military style watches or anything else. All shipments are inspected to ensure their quality. I personally wear tons of the watches you’ll be receiving! I want you to be happy with the watches we ship you.

Yes! Every watch you receive is yours to keep. You will soon have a great collection of unique watches to mix and match with your personal style.

You do not pick the individual watches. You actually may be the only subscriber that receives your watch! The watches are unique and fashionable and soon you’ll have a huge selection of great time pieces.

No. At least One random member wins a Premium Timepiece each month. Many other members receive watches that are worth significantly more than their membership fee. Those higher end watches are also sent randomly each month. Your likelihood of winner increases significantly when we see shares, likes and comments across your social media Feeds.

A few ways actually. For the subscribers that like vintage styles, we have some really great sources. This includes estate sales, dealers and others. For new watches, we partner with watch makers that give us big discounts based on our large purchases and loyal members. Want to know more? Join Us

We ship watches once a month on the 19th of the month. You must subscribe by the 9th of the month to receive your watch in the 19th’s shipment schedule. Customers in the USA will receive their watch within 10 business days or less. International customers can take between10 and 12 business days. If the 19th falls on a Sunday, we will ship watches on the 17th. Shipping is a flat $7.95 anywhere in the USA and comes with tracking which is emailed to you

We do! Please understand that international shipping charges will apply to your order if you live outside the USA. It will be around $13. Shipping anywhere in the USA is $7.95.

We only send watches that we personally enjoy. Not everyone will share our taste. We have a Watch Posse Exchange setup here. You can easily trade watches with other members for something that suits your style a bit more!